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Stolen: The hottest, most exciting thriller you'll read this year!

The stunning debut novel by Kess Goldland:


How much would you steal if you knew you could get away with it? Ten million? A hundred? A billion?

Four lives crash together in a breathtakingly audacious heist, the scale of which dwarfs anything history has seen before. With greed and fear rife amidst a collapsing capitalist system, each of the four ­– a girl who stole the life she’d always dreamed of, a wannabe master-of the-universe hedge fund manager, a beautiful master thief and a deep-in-debt computer-whizz gambler – must risk everything they have and everything they are, if they are to survive, win and take everything they want…

Stolen exposes the greed, fear and self-deceptions that hide in us all – those dark secret truths we dare not whisper – revealing how the lies we tell ourselves can be just as powerful, profound and destructive as the lies we tell each other. 

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06-07-2018 - We are delighted to announce the publication of Kess Goldland's debut novel, Stolen. Kess is an exciting new talent and Stolen is a stunning achievement. Congratulations to Kess!

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